Courtney Devonish

Courtney is a Barbados born sculptor and ceramic artist with an international reputation; currently living in Anguilla and CEO of Devonish Art Gallery.
Winner of many prizes and awards in Barbados.
Exhibitions include UK, Italy, USA, Canada and The Caribbean.

Gallery Carrolle bead necklace

Anguilla just celebrated its 50 years of separation from St Kitts and Nevis; This Necklace is a sign of her Patriotism, the Anguilla colors are featured in the necklace.

small white cedar bowl

I am hooked, actually enjoying carving these bowls; but they take a long time to handcarved from the cross cut of the tree branches. Size-five and three- quarter inches in […]

mahogany bidr

Welcome to Devonish Art Gallery Online; Every item you see on the website can also be bought at the Gallery; what an exciting trip that will be. Hearts and birds […]

This carving was inspired by the creations of a friend and weaver who participated with me in many exhibitions in Barbados and Trinidad. Her Sunbursts were woven from the ribs […]