Time for the Old Man to Retire from Business

The Devonish Art Gallery first opened its doors in Barbados in 1969, after residing in the UK for seven and a half years, the gallery moved to Anguilla in 1988, where I set up business after an OAS assignment for handicraft development with the Anguilla council of women.

The time has come for me to confine myself to the studios, ceramic and wood. Having just celebrated my 76th birthday, I feel compelled to create, and nothing else but create.

Currently, my days start at 6:30am until 9am in the studios, prepare breakfast in time to reach the gallery by 10am until 4 or 5pm. Unfortunately, it is still dark at 6 in the morning and at 6:30 in the evenings, no inspiration for working, after sitting on the computer all day in between customers.

Fifty years in business is a long time worrying about numbers, it’s time to do what I love most, and that is creating. Unfortunately, there is no local market. The tourist market is fickle and seasonal; after 2008, it was not feasible to hire staff, so physically managing the gallery was left to wifey and myself, neither of us regarded it as a labor of love.

I can only hope for a successful working relationship with the new gallery owner as of 1st March 2020.

This website: will still be operational, featuring creations exclusive to the mortar and brick business in Anguilla.

I would like to thank everyone from all over the world for their patronage over the past 50 years and hope for their continued support for better things to come. God Bless.

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19 comments on “Time for the Old Man to Retire from Business

So are you doing now what you have always wanted to do?

Yes I have given up the gallery and enjoying creating. Thank you for your encourgement

So are you doing now what you have always wanted to do?
I hope you are enjoying your life now sounds like you have earned the right to do so. I to am getting up in age and find life getting more difficult instead of easier I pray this is not the case with you, You know it seems we just wake up one day and the years have past but you the art that you create is a key element in giving us those memories.

You know sounds like your in a place you have worked very hard for to be. Seems like we blink our eyes and we are at this point in life I can relate to where you are in life although I was forced to retire sometimes I find it hard to occupy my time till as of late. I believe its important to keep ourselves busy and useful I wish you all  the best and truly hope you enjoy your retirement. You have created some very beautiful items that remind me of my heritage its a wonderful gift to have working with your hands n such a way.

Thanks Gary, sitting in the gallery all day was very difficult, both of my disciplines are not possible to carry out in the gallery, that is why I . occupied the time with brain exercises. I am thankful I can still create, even though the body is in its late stages.I am truly looking forward to being in the studies as I please.

Hi Courtney – Congratulations on your semi-retirement.  I say semi because you are not really retiring but switching to what is your first love…creating.  It is so important to love what we do, to work but not working because we are loving what we’re doing.  I’ve seen your work from other posts and your love shows.  I wish you God’s speed and all the best as you carry on to do what you do best.  By all means, YOU DO YOU…as the world watches!

God Bless!!

Thank you Nathaniel, I was trying to do this for a while, but it needed careful planning and someone you can trust to honour the Devonish brand. I look forward to creating ceramics again, something I have’n done for more than 3 years.

I am in the same spot.  I don’t have a business from which I am retiring, but I have been responsible for a major county program for many years that helps developmentally disabled people of all ages.  The individuals taking over are great, but I hope I can guide them and that all the clients will be okay.  But, I know its time for me to let go.  You phrase “a successful working relationship with the new owner” suggests you aren’t letting go.  Happy retirement.

Thanks for the well wishes, In a way I am letting go I will only be a major consignee to the gallery, not responsible for any paying out, just receiving. I just have to keep supplying work. I am ready for this change,I didn’t realise how much so.

Hello Courtney,

You’re 76 years young as you still thinking about creating and being creative. I agree with you that retirement is your right and instead of being offline, you’re joining the online world with your art. I think you will do so great in just one year as you are already in this art business for 50 years. You can reach more customers during the whole year and every year.

Guess what, you inspired me to do so as you did by entering the online world. 

Nice to meet you , Courtney, in your blog.

Nice to meet you too, you will hear of changes the men time I am creating every day, glazed my first ceramic production today, after a very long break. Thank you

Courtney & Carolle,
First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  You have me by just a couple of years.   Your work is beautiful and inspiring.  I could not stop thinking of my father.  He did what he enjoyed for many years.  That was a Blessing, not a retirement.  I too am following in his footsteps.  I too will ‘retire’ when HE calls me Home. 

Now you are not working but enjoying doing your God-given talent.  I enjoyed reading your post ‘When Your Work Is Your Passion” and looking at your creations and reading all the other posts.  You are AMAZING!!!
I might suggest putting the prices on each of your works.  Also, ETSY and eBay might be a good place to sell your creations.
You, your bride of many years and Rosyln WILL  be at the Queens Park Gallery in Barbados this December 2020.

I wish you and Carolle may year in creating your passions.  Blessings and good creations with your ceramics and Carolle  
I have saved your email and will be contacting you soon.

Thanks Leo, not forgotten you. Looking forward to Barbados God willing, There is so much to do to reset the pathway.Not been on WA for a while, working on changes with the new management, now the virus has delayed changes, as we are on lock down.

I am wishing for you many years of productivity!  It is a good example you setting for the world–that of taking time to do what you want.  I’m sure you still have much creativity in you!  I hope you will keep the world posted with your future contributions of art! 

Thank you, sorry for the delay, its been a while; I am still reshaping the future.

This is not a goodby! I’m glad you’ve gotten the opportunity of getting 100% devoted to what you love the most. Getting fully devoted (as you’ve done) to do exclusively what you’re passionate about is a recipe for long and happy life.

Thanks a lot for sharing your art with us; it’s really good to know that you’ll continue to offer it in more efficient and modern ways than before. You’ve taken the natural path to a more sustainable approach.

Thank you, dealing with the new challenges.

You have worked hard throughout your years. Now it is time for you to retire, but still work. Work for something that doesn’t make you tired, working for something fun, enjoying every moment of your time. With your website, you can continue with your passion. Keep creating and all the best to you.

Thanks, its a while since I visited WA. The change was going smoothly until Carona, still working on it, and creating like crazy to keep sane.

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