devonishart on new platform
The move


I would like to apologize to all those who might have contacted in the past and did not receive adequate attention.

First the website was hosted and managed by a developer and health issues for the past two years interrupted communications. Devonish art is now hosted on a new platform and fully managed by myself (Courtney Devonish)

Some of the art will be featured on another website that I own ( however all sales will be done from this website.

We look forward to your continued support

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3 comments on “NEW PLATFORM

Very nice post informing everyone about the changes in your company…heartfelt. I did take a peek at the website for devonishart. I really like the bracelet you have on there, top of webpage. I didn’t see any information on how to purchase any items. Will this bracelet be fore sale? It is definitely my style. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry the site was recently moved to W and the shopping cart is not functioning, i am having great problems fixing it, the bracelet is $160. 00 including shipping. please let me know, where are you?, we will be happy to ship it to you. Thanks.

Happy to inform you that the site is now functioning properly and many of the original necklaces were sold, there are now new pieces posted. please note shipping costs are included in the prices,please take another look. Thanks for your interest,
Sorry for the delayed response. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

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