Nice to know you are appreciated.

It was an honor to be featured by the Anguilla Department of Youth and Culture, in their 1918-19 calendar. My wife and I, and the gallery were featured on one and a half pages in the calendar, including the month of February, my birth month.

Needless to say it was a surprise, but we were thankful for the tribute; we love Anguilla and call it home. My wife is from the USA and myself a Bajan.

I can recall traveling to Barbados for a reunion, and a well-known Anguilla Lady, while on the plane asked me a pertinent question; “Courtney are you going home or are you going to Barbados?”Without any hesitation I replied ” I am going to Barbados”.

The year 2018 was a very difficult year, probably one of the most difficult ones in my career as an artist, The Island was devastated by hurricane Irma during in September 2017; and business was almost nonexistent for the entire 2018, as the Island was rebuilding and waiting to welcome tourists again to our shores.

Lack of Electricity was our main my major headache; as a potter with electric wheels and a sculptor with electrical tools, life was more than challenging. Luckily a close friend of ours from NY sent us a generator and a set of battery powered tools; I am eternally grateful for the gift, as they saved my sanity.

As a full time artist and gallery owner, our revenue stream dried up, and survival became the watch word. It was not until the month of December 2018 that we began to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel; The gallery lost over 85% of its annual revenue stream.

Tourist are back, many of them new, many or our repeat customers have gotten too old to travel, and some are no longer with us. but we are seeing changes in shopping habits of the new tourists, a substantial number are not leaving the hotels except for dinners in the evenings, and the hotels are doing their best to keep them on the premises. Some come as corporate groups, with scheduled activities for everyday of their stay; I once witnessed a group playing bingo all day by the pool bar. A sight for sore eyes.

Planning a Trip to a tourist destination?

If you are visiting a tourist destination, get out and around and support the local arts and crafts establishments, the galleries and gift shops; know where there are from the time you are planning your trip. Take a peek at trip adviser or similar websites.

I apologize for the quality of the images, they were taken from a copy of the calender, with my cell phone.