The only existing photo of my work as an artist outside of ceramics, copper and carving——————————->

I have written about journalists publishing my address in articles, one journalist confessed that they could not understand how I could afford one of the most expensive apartments in the only central heating building in the heart of the traffic-free shopping center on a teachers’ salary. What they did not know that it was a 2 bedroom apartment on the 19th floor shared by 2 persons, and it was the only way I could continue living in the UK, because I hated the cold;

The sun shone until 9pm in the summer and creative work began in the small garden shed at the back of my parents house, which I converted to a workshop and was working from 4pm to 9pm on week days and all day on weekends. This provided a second income. No need to point the police in my direction; The journalist who alerted me actually shared the apartment with me when the other tenant left; now that I think about it, did he try to find out firsthand where my extra income came from.

Taking Art To The People

What I found out in Barbados was that many members of the public never visited Art Galleries. Roslyn and myself were given the opportunity to hold exhibitions in a space next to a very popular Bridgetown restaurant on the third floor of the most popular department store in Barbados; We sold art to many local people who saw our work in hotels and private villas, loved it, but did not think they cold afford it.

The directors of another popular department store in Trinidad invited us to mount a similar exhibition in their store in Trinidad. To this day the first exhibition was the most lucrative exhibition I ever mounted in my history of exhibitions.

The same problem exists in Anguilla, my dream is to mount an exhibition in one of the popular Supermarkets, since Anguilla has no reputable department Stores.

Anguilla has the potential to offer the best quality of life anyone can wish for; we just need another Lee Kuan Yew.