Life as a Teacher and Artist in England.


My scrap book is old and not in the best shape, but allow me to share some of the print media coverage starting 55 years ago in Coventry, England.

As a school teacher, creating art in the summer was like another full time job; school ended at 3pm and the sun set at 9pm. The garden shed at the back of the family house was my studio, it allowed me to earn enough income to afford a shared luxury 2 bedroom apartments in the first central heated building in the city, in the heart of the traffic free shopping center and five minutes walk to my school.

A journalist who shared the apartment with me for a period, alerted me to the unusual practice of other journalist publishing my address in every newspaper article; according to him they were prompting the police to have a look at my activities; they could not understand how a school teacher could afford such an apartment.

The fact was that keeping warm was just as important to me as eating, the art provided enough income and the expenses of the apartment were shared. I was not involved in any illegal activity, as was the question being asked by the journalists.

These newspaper clippings show how active my life was , both as a Teacher and as an Artist,The move to Barbados did change my life as a Teacher, but began my long life as a fulltime artist, entrepreneur and Gallery Owner; as you will see in future newspaper clippings.