As soon as we landed in Barbados, we began to make preparations to open an Art Gallery/Gift Shop and boutique; The intention was to take a teaching job and the wife would manage the business.

A teaching job was offered, but the fear of teaching for the rest of my life was real, Creating art was my passion, so the job never lasted one day.

We found a two story building in the capital-Bridgetown. The plan was to open a restaurant on the second floor serving local dishes for lunch and operate as a bar in the evenings, specializing in draft beer and a variety of beers from around the world; hence the name -The Beer House.

The first name for the gallery/gift shop and boutique was -The Design and Art Centre, combining arts and crafts and specially designed clothing. It was not long before we began to attract media attention as I began to participate in local competitions and launched my first solo exhibition at the Hilton Art Gallery, on the grounds of the Barbados Hilton Hotel.

There was regular media coverage, print, radio, and TV, here is a peep back at my scrap book between 1971 and `1988 when I was still resident in Barbados.

I had a problem with the journalist referring to my sculpture as a souvenir and a piece of craft work. It was a mahogany sculpture.

These newspaper clippings were taken from my two scrap books going back to 1967 when I was resident in Coventry,England, then Barbados and now Anguilla,BWI.