mahogany hearts

TOUCH FORMS by Courtney Devonish

Touch forms were first created during my student days more than 50 years ago.

In the beginning the touch forms were designed to help fellow students who wanted to quit smoking. The forms gave them something to do with their hands, which was their major complaint.

At first the students were given a piece of clay to squeeze into their most comfortable shape; the shape was then custom made in clay and glazed.

The Touch forms have evolved over the years and a shift from clay to wood took place.
Hearts has become the overwhelming favorite shape; but I still create other organic shapes including the almond.

The forms has become more popular as a stress reliever or comforter; but are sometimes bought as paperweights, for waiting rooms, bedside and center- room tables or as a constant companion and stress reliever.

They are hand carved and are finished with a silky smooth finish that once inspired the comment –“Courtney makes wood feel soft.”

Rub with mineral oil at least once per month and enjoy the benefits of these wonderful touch forms


Linda from Massachusetts sent this comment on 17 March 2017.

“Your carved hearts have comforted my 10+ year- old aunt that died.

Wen she went to Hospice she would not let go of it; her daughter buried her with it.
Then my brother just died; when I went to visit him January 20, he was holding your heart.”

Your carvings have been a deep blessing; Please continue to carve.

Mary McLaughLin-USA sent this 17 April 2017

“It was great to see you today and purchase another heart; this one is made from white cedar.The mahogany heart I purchased years ago was such a comfort to me the year my mother fell ill and died. I thought I would wear it out running my hands along the smooth curves and surface. I will treasure this new one as I do the first”.

I could not hold back the tear drops; I would like to thank all the proud owners of one or more of my hearts.

I wonder how many many people own my hearts; i have never kept records but there are thousands.

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