Best Woodworking Power Tool

The Angle Grinder is the best woodworking, most versatile and most dangerous power tool.


According to Wikipedia, the first angle grinder was designed by the German company Akermann & Schmidt in 1954. There is also a conflicting report gives credit to Thomas Joseph in 1973. Credit must go to Akermann & Schmidt, because I was using the angle grinder prior to 1973, after seeing it used in the body shop of an automotive mechanic.

The angle grinder is used for metal working, construction, body shop polishing, grinding and cutting, and wood working. They are mainly powered by electricity or batteries.  Because of the high speeds, I0,000 rpm plus, the switches are very important according to the user, they vary from a paddle switch, a trigger switch, or a toggle switch. In my opinion, the trigger switch is the safest. I do not own a trigger switch model, but the toggle switch on one of my angle grinders is not functioning, so I use it as a trigger switch, as soon as the finger is released, the motor switches off.

This model is the safest for the King Arthur Lancelot and the Kutzall carving discs (eats into wood like crazy). Both the Lancelot and the Kutzall are used on most of my carvings. The Lancelot to do the rough work in removing wood and the Kutzall for the second tier finishing, followed by the rough finishing and sanding. The drill completes the final touches.

Popular Brands

There are several brands, some might not show a difference in performance or quality, the judgment might be your perception. The same manufacturer sometimes manufacture different brands, but you may not be aware.

Metabo and Makita are my brands of preference. Any tool made in Germany is believed to be tops as far as brands are concerned. Personally made in Germany, Japan, or USA instill confidence and inspires choice of purchase. Made in is important, because the brand can be made anywhere.








Black and Decker


Porter Cable



Angle grinders are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 4 1/2 ” to 9″; I have only experienced the 4 1/2 to 6 inches. The high RPM’s alone scares the hell out of me. For that reason, I limit my use to the 4 and 4 1/2 inch grinders.


Anyone using the angle grinder, regardless for what purpose, must be safety conscious. Each tool comes with a safety feature which should be used at all times. Sorry, but I must admit, I do not use the safety feature and have been nicked several times. Only once bad enough to require a trip to the doctor and I1 stitches. That was soon after returning to work after suffering a stroke and against the doctors’ orders.


The Off and On switch only is dangerous( toggle switch). The machine can kick at times when working in close corners. In an emergency, it is darn hard to find that switch. A better option is the Paddle Switch, which still enables you to run the machine but you must touch the paddle to switch off. Your fingers tire easily with the paddle switch. I would recommend a reduction in the barrel size for comfort. Only the designers can answer that wish.

The Toggle switch on my 4 1/2″ Makita does not function, but the grinder still works. This is the grinder I use with the Lancelot. I am confident this is the safest design for that purpose. You have to push the switch for on and let go for off and the fingers does not tire so easily, and the Lancelot almost demands intermittent off and on.

There is no doubt, the trigger switch is the best choice when purchasing an angle grinder, regardless the brand.

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