Are You Visiting Art Galleries

Are You Visiting Art Galleries / Craft Shops when on Vacation?

Supporting Arts And Crafts on Your Travels

I live on the beautiful little Island of Anguilla in the British West Indies; I know you are going to say “Where?”. The quality of life on this little Island is so great that the rich and the famous have kept it a secret for years.

Anguilla is a 35square miles little Island, a 25-minute ferry ride or a five-minute small aircraft flight from St.Maarten/ St. Martín; and it is definitely not just for the rich and the famous, there are mid range properties that are comparable to the rates in other Caribbean countries.

We as artists and craft persons are patronized more from the mid-market travelers than from the rich and the famous.

It is unbelievable that one would visit such a beautiful destination would spend the entire holiday without leaving the hotel and its surrounding beach, except perhaps for a dinner night out. We invite you to include a visit to the art galleries and craft shops next time you take a vacation in any destination.

The inspiration to write these series of articles stem from the fact that our Island experience corporate groups spending a company paid for week and never leaving the hotel and it’s surrounding beaches and never being curious to see what the Island has to offer in the way of art and crafts.

I was reliably informed of a group of over 70 persons that were even given gifts that brought from the home country. How sad.

Are you planning to visit Anguilla?

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of which Rendezvous Bay is my recommended favorite where you can taste the best snapper or ribs at the Sun Shine Beach Shack you have ever eaten in your life at the Sunshine Beach Shack; if you have ever tasted better I would like to know where. I am the most critical and selective person when it comes to eating out.

Rendezvous beach is a very long stretch of beach serving 2 hotels and five beach bars and restaurants including the Dune Preserve owned and operated by Bankie Banks, a popular local Reggae artist.

Art Galleries & Craft Shops In Anguilla

1. Devonish Art Gallery- view bead jewelry by wife Carrolle Devonish; ceramics, wood sculptures and wood craft by Internationally known artist Courtney Devonish who is celebrating 50 years as CEO, 18 years in Barbados and 20 in Anguilla. The gallery is situated in the Cove West End.

2. Anguilla Art & Crafts, -The National Council Of Women runs this establishment where local artist and craft persons can market their work. The council is responsible for my moving to Barbados; I came via a Canadian Training Awards Project to teach ceramics and set up a studio at the council, which is located in the Valley

Lynn Bernbaum Gallery is situated in Sandy ground, a busy area for its bars and restaurants and entertainment. It is also the location of the main cargo port and docking for sailboats. Lynn is a painter from the USA, now residing in Anguilla.

Cheddies Carving Studio.-Cheddie is a very gifted local wood carver with an incredible eye for creations from drift wood. The studio is directly opposite the Galleria and the Devonish Art Gallery, which are located in the same building.

There are a few other locations on the Island featuring Haitian, local and international arts and crafts.

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