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Best work environment for a Student or Creative Artist

Boost your well-being and mental health.

2018 is 49 years I have been creating both sculpture and ceramic art, while ceramics is confined to an exposed work area; wood carving offers other alternatives.

I have experimented with several options, over the years, and undoubted working outdoors, surrounded by greenery is the best option

The creative juices seem to flow more freely and the work mood is elevated, the nature environment offers an addition stimulus, the sight of a ground lizard, a wasp, a honey bee, a butterfly or ground dove does wonders for your mood.

Green and Blue Spaces

My current wood carving studio is an outfitted 40-foot container, painted green with 3 doors and 3 windows, situated on half an acre of undeveloped land, with plenty greenery- shrubs, small trees and vines,

The sea can be seen from the studio with the hills of the neighboring Island in the background. A visit to the beach for a dip in the blue and turquoise waters recharges the batteries, and offers time to reflect on the days’ creations.

There were no surprises when I viewed to a recent report of an ongoing research by scientists from Exeter, Cardiff and Swansea Universities and the Barcelona Institute of Global Health on the impact of spending time in parks, woodlands and beaches on our long-term well-being and mental health. ( green and blue spaces)

Trees and beaches featured strongly in my studies as a high school student, long before I even entertained the thought of being an artist.

Many hours were spent hiding in trees that surrounded the house, with a book and writing pad in hand, or at the beach under a large rock that decorated the Picturesque East Coast in Barbados.

During my student days at Teachers Training College my favorite areas for studying were under trees on the college grounds or to one of the nearby national parks.

There are statistics that suggest that one in four people experience some mental health issues such as anxiety and depression some time in their lives. The economic factor is finally a growing Public concern. The bill for mental health problems in the UK is estimated at 100 billion pounds a year.

There are some previous studies that suggest that people who live near coastal areas benefit from better mental health. Maybe that is why Hawaiians are singled out as some of the happiest people in the world.

I await the results of this research, but can predict the results based on my life long experiences as a student and artist

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