Devonish Art Gallery Update

The Island Is looking so much better, electricity has been restored, street lights are being replaced, and the streets are looking good as there is a new arrangement that takes many garbage bins off the streets.

However most of the major hotels are still under repairs and the first should open towards month end; but most boutique hotels and some villas are open for business.

Sadly there are few tourists around, as a consequence the gallery hours has been adjusted to 9am to1 pm. I will be happy to open on request.

I have also held trunk shows on request in the past; please note that Anguillians do not normally mob celebrities; It was once rumored that a famous celebrity was in a local bar and was upset that no one was paying her any attention that she got up and performed a table dance.

The gallery will accommodate trunk shows on request or facilitate private openings after regular hours. Telephone No- 1 264 235 5109. is open for business 24/7

Carrolle and I will like to thank all those online customers and friends who patronized the gallery during this difficult period.

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