Gallery Courtney

  Anguilla national bird is the Dove.These birds represent the national bird-Wood-Mahogany- finish mineral oil-Price $us35.00 per bird.The second highest seller in the gallery-Free Shipping.All carved from 2inch wood. free […]

There are pelicans on Anguilla, they can be seen near the shore and around the salt ponds. Wood- Mahogany-Dimensions-12″l x 4″w x41/2″h-finish mineral oil-Price $195.00 -Free shipping –

This sculpture is carved from a very old Mahogany tree and has been in the gallery for a while, hence the very dark look. Organic Touch Form-Dimensions-12″ x 11″ x […]

This sculpture can be bought by special order as a limited edition; free shipping from foundry. I cannot resist the joy of creating these caribbean beauties in wood, clay or […]

artwork no 1 $950.00

An impression of the eclipse in Mahogany-Dimensions 17″ X 12″ X 2″.Relief-Finish- mineral oil Free Shipping via Post Office. We had a sighting of the eclipse early this year which […]

  THE MOVE. I would like to apologize to all those who might have contacted in the past and did not receive adequate attention. First the website was hosted […]