A Nostalgic Look Back 3

The only existing photo of my work as an artist outside of ceramics, copper and carving——————————->

I have written about journalists publishing my address in articles. One journalist confessed that they could not understand how I could afford one of the most expensive apartments in the only central heated building in the heart of the traffic-free shopping center on a teachers’ salary. What they did not know was that it was a 2 bedroom apartment on the 19th floor shared by 2 persons and it was the only way I could continue living in the UK, because I hated the cold.

The sun shone until 9pm in the summer and creative work began in the small garden shed at the back of my parents house, which I converted to a workshop and was working from 4pm to 9pm on week days and all day on weekends. This provided a second income. No need to point the police in my direction. The journalist who alerted me actually shared the apartment with me when the other tenant left. Now that I think about it, did he try to find out firsthand where my extra income came from?

Taking Art To The People

What I found out in Barbados was that many members of the public never visited art galleries. Roslyn and myself were given the opportunity to hold exhibitions in a space next to a very popular Bridgetown restaurant on the third floor of the most popular department store in Barbados. We sold art to many local people who saw our work in hotels and private villas, loved it, but did not think they cold afford it.

The directors of another popular department store in Trinidad invited us to mount a similar exhibition in their store in Trinidad. To this day, the first exhibition was the most lucrative exhibition I ever mounted in my history of exhibitions.

The same problem exists in Anguilla, my dream is to mount an exhibition in one of the popular Supermarkets, since Anguilla has no reputable department stores.

Anguilla has the potential to offer the best quality of life anyone can wish for. We just need another Lee Kuan Yew.

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Thanks for such an interesting article on your artwork, I just wish you could share some more information! I see that you have been in many newspaper articles and that should say something about your creativity. Your work is beautiful please keep us posted with your new items.

It is amazing that you have been featured in so many locations, I hope that your success will continue in the same manner. Remember to always be true to your craft. Art is the true expression of one’s passions and interests in life and the desire to share that with the world is a great honor.


Thank you Virginia;, the reason I am still enjoying my craft is  because I am always true to myself; one of the reasons I only take commissions on my own terms, which is mainly freedom of creativity.

Hi Courtney. 

You have a great career as an artist. I can perceive your art and your passion in the article that you share with so much nostalgia.
Congratulations on your 50 years in business as CEO of Devonish Art Gallery I.
New artists must know your legacy, thank you for sharing your experiences.

Greetings here from Peru.


Thank you Jose, It has been a hard but totally enjoyable and self-fulfilling experience; have a great day.

After reading your article I have benefited greatly.You disscuss in your article about A Nostalgic look back -3. Your article just awesome because in your article you added many article picture and every pictures have nice story. After reading your article i have learned in this topics clearly. So, Thank you very much for sharing your article.        

Thank you for visiting, I am happy to be of some benefit. Best wishes.

Thanks for sharing this post with us. Since I’ve been coming to your blog, its been celebration of various publications made about you and that always got me wondering how great your works were and have been. I would really wish you share with us here some of your works please, I am an art enthusiast and I love to appreciate art anywhere I see one. I will comeback for more here and hopefully, I will get to see your great works

Thanks for the repeat visit,.Are you an artist yourself? You can always see my art on –, or better still come visit us in Anguilla; it doesn’t have to be expensive as some may have you believe. Have a great day.

 After reading your article I found out that you have discussed about your art gallery. Thanks for such an interesting article on your artwork. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review. Excellent art. I feel at peace just looking at these wonderful creations.Your work is beautiful please keep us posted with your new items. I like your post very much.  Art is the true expression of one’s passions and interests in life. Thank you so much for sharing this post. 

Thank you, you can always follow my work on; I appreciate your compliments. Best wishes.

Your nostalgic look back at your career as an artist shows the satisfaction of an artist who has been true to his calling and who only accepted assignments that allowed him the freedom to create on his own terms. I regret to say that I had not heard of your work before. It is sad that the general public does not frequent art galleries or take the time to enjoy art. However, now with the growth and availability of the internet more artists have the opportunity to present their art online.I trust that your work will now receive more visibility and recognition.

Thanks for visiting, only this morning a young lady who did ceramics and art in school came to the gallery for the first time and her face lit up.She loves art but never thought of visiting a gallery; she says she is interested in training, and will be back; I am looking into mounting an exhibition in a supermarket to solve the issue of local exposure, my patronage is 99.5% Tourists. sad but true. Enjoy your day.

Hey there!

Great post! And great work! Sometimes going back to the more innocent ages and reflecting on them and your work, allows you to go back to your roots, where you started, and most importantly, WHY you started, and how long have you come as a person and as an artist.

Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂


Thanks Marios for your comments; sometimes it is gratifying to reflect on your journey as an artist.

I enjoyed the read and look forward to part 4!

I’ve never had insight into a professional artists’ life and career. Most that I know were working full-time as an employee and considered art like a hobby that they just happened to sell. It doesn’t surprise me that you could afford a nice place with a roommate or two, or even alone for that matter. Having said that, I must admit, something did agitate me while reading your article.

Why was there some sort of collective, vigilante effort to make your address public to prompt a criminal investigation? Was it common for strangers to be that invested in other peoples’ lives that they’d do things like that out of suspicion?

Andre you must remember I was a black man in a white country, living in the most modern apartment building in the trafic-free city center..It was a journalist who alerted to the fact that they thought I may have been involved in some illegal activity, when all I wanted was to be warm; it was the first central heated building in the city. That same journalist stayed in my apartment for a time; maybe he was investigating, who knows; we became friends.

Sometimes, we need to break the ice in order to get the attention of the readers. And you just did it! At first, I was puzzled by your style of blogging, but then I realized it’s your art. It’s your style which is a complete deviation from the traditional way of writing content So, from being annoyed, I ended up impressed by your work. Keep it up!

Thanks for visiting, sorry for the confusion at first; those were press clippings etc from my scrap book, that I thought I would share.

I often wonder if being an artist is a gift or a burden in your life. However, you can only be true to yourself and trust that others will see the beauty created by you with the same eyes.

Never lose the vision of creativity it is too precious.

Keep up the great work

Peter H

Thanks Peter, being an artist can never be a burden if you are true to yourself and be prepared to work hard, the rewards far outweigh the hardships. Are you an artist Peter?

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