The Best Shopping In Anguilla

Anguilla is still relatively unknown to many travelers, what a shame! Because you are missing out on one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Let’s assume you were lucky enough to hear about Anguilla and decided to give it a try. I can assure you it won’t be your last. You will discover some of the most beautiful and sparsely crowded beaches in the world.

The beaches are not only beautiful, there are 35 of them! You will have to take a month’s vacation or visit five beaches a day if you wish to explore all the beaches in one week. Don’t be in a rush, you can enjoy them on subsequent trips. Have the pleasure of a new experience each visit.

When you are safely settled into your luxury hotel, don’t believe anyone who advise you to limit your stay to your hotel and its immediate surroundings, because there is nothing out there. It’s a downright lie. As a matter of fact, why should you visit such a beautiful little Island and not discover its secrets. I too, was a tourist 30 years ago and knew nothing about the island. I never left after I discovered its magical and magnetic charm.

There is plenty out there to see and explore but for now I will focus on one of your best shopping experiences.

The Devonish Art Gallery

The gallery is the first and longest running gallery in Anguilla. It was first located in Barbados for 18 years, before I was unable to resist the magnetic charm and delicate life of Anguilla. The gallery was one of the earliest and leading galleries in Barbados before the move.

One Stop Shopping

The gallery is the showroom for sculptor and ceramic artist Courtney Devonish and bead artist and wife Carrolle Devonish. His art creations include original sculptures and fine craft, birds, bowls, trays, tropical fish among them. But the shoppers’ favorite is his silky smooth hand carved mahogany hearts, an excellent stress reliever.

The gallery also exhibits paintings, sculptures, giclees, prints and souvenirs by other Caribbean and international artists with an Anguillan experience.

Courtney has been a full time artist for 50 years and lives in a tourist destination. He has created a concept that will please shoppers. Not only can you collect a work of art or one of Carrolle’s bead necklaces. There is a ample collection of tastefully selected souvenirs, ranging from Island prints, Christmas balls, custom designed T-shirts, and other collectibles.

Be sure to visit us when in Anguilla. We have many celebrities among our visitors and some people who may be apprehensive. If you would like a private shopping experience, we would be happy to arrange an after hours trip to the gallery. We will even offer to take you on a one stop trip from and back to your hotel or villa. All you have to do is to guarantee us a minimum $20.00 sale, or a mahogany heart in exchange. Give us a call or send us an email.

We look forward to seeing you.

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