That is definitely the most frequently asked question by visitors to the Gallery; the second is : How LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO FINISH THIS ONE?
I am going to address all these issues in a series of posts by taking you through my experience as a full time sculptor, craftsman, and ceramic artist for the past 50 years.

Woodcarving tools have changed over the years; we are living in the fast lane and in the age of modern technology.

Few artists can afford the chisel and mallet carving today, But you cannot discard them all together, and it may depend on whether you are carving for a hobby or for a living.

My first set of tools was a second set of woodcarving tools, bought from the widow of a woodcarver, sad to say they don’t make steel like that anymore, that was 50 years ago and I still have a few left, most were lost in moving from place to place or mistakenly taken by someone.

My second piece of equipment was a bandsaw, It was hard and still is, to limit yourself to pure sculpture, I had to make some bread and butter craft items like hand-carved trays, bowls, vases etc.

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Has modern tools dictated our designs and price in woodcarvings today.

Please share your thoughts.