Teach Yourself To Throw On The Potter’s Wheel

teach yourself to throw on the potter's wheel
My career as a ceramic artist span 46 years.

I am not a production potter but use the wheel to create sculptural forms.
During the late eighties I contracted by the Canadian Training Awards Project-CTAP- to work as a ceramic consultant and teach pottery throughout the Eastern Caribbean.

teach yoursel to throw on the potters whell

I was hired because of the speed I taught students to throw on the wheel.

My first wheel was the lower end Electric wheel by Robert Brent.
I use his name, as a reference whenever Schools talk to me about the not so bright students should take art rather than academic subjects.

I usually ask them to do a survey of the best artists in the school and they will see that they are the top academics also.

Brent was a potter as well as an Engineer.

Lesson 1
Before you start the wheel,
(1)Practice some arm wrestling with a friend or family;
(2)Place your hands –palm to palm and push them against each other using your maximum strength without the hands moving from a stationary position.
(3)Sit in a chair or stool and place your hands firmly down on a flat surface-or wheel head; clasp your hands and open about three to four inches at the heel of the hands; while’s pressing down put pressure on the hands and bring the heel of the hands together; always keep the hands steady and firm.
Practice these exercises for two weeks.

Lesson 2-Soon come.


  1. Such an interesting hobby I would love to practice. I didn’t realize it required so much strength. I’ve seen videos of people trying and failing to do it with all the clay crumbling in their hands because they weren’t steady, or apparently strong enough. I’d love to see a video lesson of this along with some tips on what to buy. Looking forward to lesson 2!


    1. Thanks for your comments;its a simple skill of eye and hands coordination, many teachers include other senses that is a distraction,Strength is important but not as important as you think, it’s just the use of different muscles and the first exercises will help to strengthen those muscles.I can be your personal tutor, i will address some of your questions in Lesson 2.


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