So Happy To Be Back In Business

artwork no 1 $950.00.

It is now 47 years that I gave up a career in teaching to become a fulltime artist, producing creations of beauty in both ceramics and wood.

There is no doubt that woodcarving is my work, hobby and passion.

This is the second longest drought in the history of my career as an Artist.

In March of 2013 I suffered a mild stroke, and it was five months before I defied doctors orders and began using my wood carving tools again; chisels, chain saws, angle and die grinders, band saws, electric drills and a drill press.

On 6 September we were devastated by the passing of hurricane Irma; which left our Island without electricity, running water, and communications – radio, Television, Mobile devices and Internet. Some of us are still without electricity and normal Internet service.

No 13 Birds %35.99 each

It is now 47 days after the passing of hurricane Irma and we have just installed a 6500 watts generator and; so I was able to commence carving and potting again.

My work in ceramics was limited to the slab roller, but now I can begin throwing on the wheel, however firing in the electric kiln will have to wait until we regain electricity, which is projected to be December; Thanks to a team of 0ver 40 Canadian linesmen coming to assist in the recovery process.

For all well wishers, friends, former customers and those who asked what they can do to help; please select one of our creations from the website and lend us some support during these challenging times even if it is just collecting another heart.

large heart

It is highly unlikely that we will be receiving tourists before April 2018.

Giving Thanks.