Old Mahogany Fish 1



Own a Piece of History- “Platinum”

This fish is carved from the historic Anguilla Mahogany tree

The following text is taken from the local weekly newspaper-The Anguillian -31st May 2019 written by local historian Colville Petty,CEO of the Heritage Museum, Where a photo of the tree is on display.

“Like Anguillians,two renowned unique trees, though not indigenous to Anguilla, played significant roles in the Island’s culture and its history. These were the Mahogany tree and the Milky Thorn tree.

The Mahogany tree was actually the name given to the central area of business and commerce, where peasant farmers, fishermen, butchers and other vendors sold their goods in an era when Anguilla was but a stranger to economic development.
This tree provided a central place where public notices were posted and important meetings were held. It was one of the key places on the Island for casual social interaction.
The tree was the scene where Island folk from all walks of life chanced to meet and chat about Island issues.
The Mahogany tree was the site of one of the Island’s main stand pipes where many way-worn travellers would stop to “cup their hands” and bow a bit to savour a cool, refreshing drink of water.
” It has been the scene of many Island stories, and it had heard many stories from the folk who gathered beneath its faithful bows.

The reason I suggested that the tree was 300 years old, was a comment told to me by a gentleman who was 102 years at the time, when he heard I had bought the only known remaining part of the tree. His words -“my grandfather used to tell me stories about the old Mahogany when I was a little boy”

SOLD to a lucky lady from Delaware. absolutely beautiful, She was delighted to read the copied text from the Anguillian

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