How To Carve Hearts

mahogany hearts DSC_8329 copy

I have been carving hearts for over 20 years; they are my number one bread and butter souvenir item.

As a sculptor you may be asking why am I carving hearts, the fact is Art is my only source of income. I am no longer living in a developed country where I am exposed to a better market.

My market is a tourist market, our population is less than 15000 and I can count the local customers on one hand.

Although there are some tourists who buy sculpture, the majority are looking for a quality gift item and my hearts fit the bill.

They vary in size and have replaced my organic touch forms of over 50 years

The hearts are cut on the band saw using a template according to size.
The cut shapes are hand carved using a small angle grinder and 24-grit aluminum oxide or silicon carbide sanding disc.

The shape in then sanded with a variable electric drill and sanding disc, first with 100 grit, 150 grit finishing with 220 grit sanding disc.

The sanding pads are hand made using a commercial rubber pad with a soft one inch thick foam disc glued to the rubber backing to give a very smooth clean finish.

The hearts are then treated to three coats of mineral oil and burnished; giving them a smooth soft silk-like finish.

The hearts are sold in the gallery for US $25US and will be shipped at the same price if purchased on this website.

Caution- The angle grinder can be a dangerous tool, make sure to use the guard that comes with it.
Fine wood dust is not good for your lungs or eyes, make sure to wear goggles and a proper dust mask.

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