Fine Craft Gallery # 10- One Heart

Touch forms during my student days to help fellow student quit smoking.Their major complaint was- they needed something to do with their hands- In the beginning the forms were abstract shapes but from 1998 hearts has become my best selling fine-craft item.Collectors from all over the world travel with them.They sit on desks, in offices, on night tables, in living rooms and as paper weights.Recently professional therapists have been giving them as gifts to their friends and clients; They are now mainly bought as a stress reliever,

It is super smooth with a mineral oil finish that cry out to be fondled.Price $25.00 per heart-Free shipping.
Hearts are available mainly in mahogany but also in other hardwoods depending on availability.finish mineral oil.

Size-Hearts vary slightly, usually 3 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 to 4 x 2 inches thick.

Hearts are available in other sizes on request, from small pendants to large sculpture.

You can purchase any number of hearts on request, forward an email to create a Paypal button to accomodate the order.

Allow me to share a comment sent by Linda from Massachusetts on March 17. 2017- a story that touched me deeply; more so because my mother said to me when i was about 5 years old-“I can’t explain it, but your hands are blessed”
Story by Linda
“Your carved hearts have comforted my 100+ year old aunt that died.

When she went to Hospice she would not let go of it; her daughter buried the heart with.
Then my brother just died; when I visited him January 20 he was holding your heart.Your carvings have been a deep blessing; please continue to carve”

36 in stock
Orders on request

free shipping via Anguilla Post Office.


  1. Hi Courtney. I just stumbled across your website. I’ve been looking around at your artwork and ‘about me’ page. You have been involved in art for around 40 years now. It is amazing how the internet can open up doors for people to view your work from all corners of the world. it is so different to when you first started out.

    I like your work very much. These hearts look so sweet. How long does it take to make one?

    I wish you all the best with your art and business, Courtney. 🙂


    1. That is probably the most popular asked question, i could never understand why;I have never timed myself, normally i would work on a dozen at a time, first drawing and cutting out the shapes, then rough carving, then final carving, then sanding and oiling, then burnish, too much time to match a professional salary. best wishes.

      I am curious which Country do you know my work from?


  2. Wow.
    Pretty amazing.
    I always wondered at the skill it takes to craft something out of wood. Wood has a unique feel to it, and I really admire artist who do something different with wood other than furniture.

    May I ask how much time do you invest in something like this?


    1. Thank you for visiting, I love working in wood but do not like making functional things, maybe a tray or so.I am a full time artist for the past 46 years with my own gallery. Greetings from sunny Anguila.


  3. Would like to order 4 hearts please.


    1. I would like to order 10 hearts please.


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