Do You Want To Be An Artist?-laying the foundation

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Once you have made your decision to become an artist, you must start laying the foundation. I am using the word artist in its widest definition.

My first inspiration came early in life, although I did not make the decision until I was 25 years old.

I grew up in a village of about twelve potters, Between the ages of four and eighteen I would spend time in the studio of one particular potter who I always considered an artist, not just a potter; and who years later became the chief production potter and teacher in my studio.

Visit as many art galleries, craft shows, artists and craft person’s studios as possible.
Engage the artists in conversation, ask pertinent questions, for example-What are the pros and cons of becoming a full time artist?

Visit the local library and view the works of a variety of artists; research their life history and read reviews by art critics.

When you are in the process of doing the above, make a mental note of the things that inspire you, touches your heart or sets off alarm bells.

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Always beware of your limitations.

Choose a piece of art that impressed you the most and try to create an impression- not a copy- of it.

For me it was the Thinker by Rodin.

You are ready when you have chosen your number one medium.


  1. Hi I visited your site and was remarkably impressed with the artwork there. I liked the stories which you tell about the source of many of your pieces of art and sculpture. I recognise the difficulty of pricing artwork depending upon the market which you are selling in. I will re-visit your site again and enjoy the different types of artwork and jewellery there. Alan


    1. Thank you Alan I tyr to post all my creations as I complete them along with my wife’s bead jewelry; browse through, you might see something you can’t resist. Thanks for visiting.


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