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  1. Hi, Carrolle,

    It was wonderful seeing you and Courtney again at your gallery and even Smokey’s!

    Sad news: Mary lost the bracelet she purchased on our recent visit.

    I would like to replace it as a surprise because she was extremely upset.

    Can you help?


    1. Hi Richard, sorry to hear about the bracelet. I was looking forward to seeing you again before you left, I will pass on the message to Carrolle. Say Hi for us.Best wishes.


    2. OH DEAR Richard…can you give me a description. i have made lots recently….can you give me an idea…or colour? I would be glad to make one o replace it best, Carrolle


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  4. Hi Carrolle, Its been a long time, i have tried to contact you, I still have some really nice embroideries from Vietnam with content from Anguilla, including Sandy Ground, the Governer’s house, and Cuisinart. I will send photos to your email, Thanks Irene LeHoullier Lunaseaimports


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