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We would like to Thank everyone who has supported us during 2017-2018, both financially and as cheerleaders; Thank you for your patronage and we wish you all a Healthy, Wealthy, and Joyous Year.

wishing you nothing but the very best for 2018.Here is a look back at a selection of pieces sold.

Blessings to all.

Courtney & Carrolle.


Courtney,s Art work


caribbean art-courtney devonish

mahogany wood art form 3

female form-relief

early sculpture

caribbean art

caribbean beauty
on the inside looking out


devonish art

nautilus-caribbean art

devonish art, caribbean art,wood sculpture, Anguilla artist,

8 thoughts on “Gallery Overview

  1. I absolutely love the artwork that’s on this site! It is fantastic and I have not seen any work like this does before. I will be taking a look at all the different products that you offer. On the WA page, you have it says to click the logo, but I do not see a logo. I appreciate you making this website, and hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank Ryan for visiting, glad you like the work; Imust look for that-click the logo unless it is referring to the WA logo. All the best.

  2. Your art pieces are right up my ally! I absolutely love handcrafted works of art and you have a beautiful display. Is everything made by hand? They are truly unique pieces and quite lovely. I will come back to your site often so I can admire these beautiful works of art. Thanks for your beautiful post!

  3. I absolutely love your artworks, especially the jewelries/bracelets. I have a personal collection of these kinds and I would really love to have more. I tried to click on the image hoping to get information on how to avail of them but I found nothing to indicate they’re available for purchase.

    Anyway, I will be back to check on them.Thanks for posting.

    1. Thanks for visiting; you can go back to and click on Gallery Carrolle and any necklace with a paypal button is available; shipping is free.Hope to hear from you. Best wishes.

  4. Wow! I absolutely love the stunning master pieces here. Is a wooden plate that I see there? I have always been a fan actual wooden dishware…

    The master pieces presented here are jaw dropping like I said, I can really see the heart put into each and every piece..

    Best Wishes,

    1. Thanks for visiting Chris, Creating in wood and clay are what I have been doing all my life instead of teaching school which is what I trained for; If you see anything you like we ship for free, just click on the paypal button.Best wishes.

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