Gallery Courtney # 20 Driftwood Hanging Fish

This website offers mainly the art of Courtney and Carrolle Devonish but the gallery also exhibits works of a selected few caribbean and international artists.

This sculpture is by a canadian artist with a keen eye for Anguillian driftwood.

length 4 feet

Please click on image for better viewing.

  1. Not sure what to make of it but i think it is one of the most beautiful piece of art i have seen online.

    There must be some history behind its origin and i sure it is not far-fetched.

    I may not be a big player into world of arts but i am sure as heaven knows a good art when i see one. And this is definitely one of them.

    I will like to see more works if not exhibitions and i will look out for more posts from you.


    1. Thank you Richard; It is beautiful ; the artist has a very keen eye; it is made up of many small pieces, we have another artist on the Island who is also great with drift wood but he doesn’ construct,two different approaches.Have a look at or just google Courtney Devonish, you might find more stuff.Thanks for your contribution.


  2. That is a very beautiful and unique piece of art. I love the way the artist layered all the driftwood to create the barracuda. It’s very remarkable and something that would like great hanging in a home, especially a beach house.

    It is also something that would like great in a museum or art show to get more exposure for this work. Is there a physical location where people can see these pieces in person?

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful work!


    1. Thank you; I love the piece; It can be viewed at my art gallery in Anguilla BWI; The best destination for a quiet holiday; a couple days ago I had a one mile beautiful beach for myself. I felt like Friday Robinson Crusoe except for the restaurant in view.


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