# 37-large handcarved Mahogany Bowl

handcarved large mahogany bowl

Carving this bowl was a labor of love; the shape is in keeping with the natural shape of cross-section of the branch.

The tree was in the same area of the historic Anguilla Mahogany tree which had a trunk of 6 feet in diameter; leading me to believe the seed was from the old mahogany tree.

There is a funny story to this tree, I was visiting the bank one day when the prisoners were cutting down the tree; I assumed the roots were damaging the building,one of the prisoners, knowing I was a woodcarver asked If I would like to purchase some wood, I asked his prisoner officer if it was alright to purchase the wood from a prisoner, and he assured me that it was OK.

i did not have cash so I wrote him a check, about 2 months later a lady came to me with the check and asked if I can rewrite it in her name, she informed me that the bank knew the gentleman was in prison and refused to cash the endorsed check.-Only in Anguilla!

Bowl Size- 13 inches long,11 inches wide and 5 inches deep.

Finish-Mineral Oil

SOLD; but will remain on the Island.

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