Carrolle 4 $160.00

Sleeping Beauty bronze. limited editions. to order. 5-limited edition to order $3500.00

Courtney Devonish

Welcome to the Devonish Art Gallery
We hope you will enjoy our creations as much as we have enjoyed  creating them..

I am a sculptor and ceramic Artist and CEO of the Devonish Art Gallery for the past 46 years.

My wife Carrolle took up beading as a hobby after her retirement and collects beade during her trips to Afica as well as international Bead Shows.

Thanks to all those who have collected our work over the years and thank you for joining the list of collectors. 


  1. Hey there it’s Alexey.first off your website looks wonderful and it looks like younare truely passionate about work. Art and music is very similar and I am a musician forthepast 7 years so I know how hard it is to always come up withnew ideas and be creative non stop. I wishyou the best with your business, the website and in personal life as well.


    1. Thanks Alexy, this year will be 46 years as a full time artist, i an lucky that i have two disciplines ,ceramics and sculpture/ woodcarving, when the passion for one goes i start on the other, i have not done ceramics for over six months but i am now forced to start working in clay as only yesterday i was offered an exhibition in St Thomas in december and an order for ceramics as part of the exhibition but everything will be bought.What a Xmas present !


  2. Hello from Baltimore! I love your creations and enjoyed reading your story and journeys as artists. Do you rent out studio/workshop space to potters? Or rent out kilns or kiln space? If all goes well I will be moving to Anguilla in the next few weeks for a 18-24 months assignment for my husband. I discovered and fell in love with clay three years ago and I would love to continue working and learning the process. I mainly work with slab building, and I do want to improve my throwing skills too. I currently rent shared studio space here in Baltimore and I come in and work for about 5-6 hours every day. Hoping to meet you soon and wishing you all the best!


    1. Thank you, Joan Mason had written me about you, sorry i have not visited the site for a while. I will be happy to share my studio with you and you can exhibit in the Devonish Gallery; we also have a two bedroom apartment on the first floor of the house if you are looking for somewhere to rent. Ialso have a large slab roller.would your husband be working in the hotel industry?.Isometimes teach people to throw on the wheel.Best wishes. I am about to post a blog on devonishart,com -Teach yourself to throw on the wheel.


      1. Hello Courtney, thank you for your kind reply. I do want to continue throwing and would love to take a lesson with you, I have much to learn and to practice with throwing.
        I now have a studio share arranged with one of Joan’s friends. But I will come and see you as soon as I arrive (mid-late October) and my husband Mathias will come and say hello too when he arrives at the end of September. We are looking for a place to live and so I will ask him to contact you about that too. If you like you can send me the details of the apartment by email or we can wait till Mathias is there in person. I know he has meetings set up with a few agents and owners for the weekend of 24th September. Yes, Mathias will be working for the Four Seasons Anguilla (ex-Viceroy) on the finance side. We love living in the Caribbean (6 years in Nevis) and are so happy to go back especially to Anguilla which looks beautiful! In the meantime I will look out for your teach-yourself throwing post because I am having recurring issues with collapsing! I look forward to meeting you and Carrolle!


  3. Upon arrival at devonishart.com I was met with a photo of Courtney Devonish along with a beautiful bead necklace hand-made by Courtney’s wife, Carrolle and then a photo of a bronze sculpture of a sleeping beauty. Immediately I knew I was in for a treat! And I wasn’t disappointed!

    One menu link takes you to Courtney’s art work, a vast collection of carved wooden pieces ranging from peacocks to the abstract to hearts and pelicans. There are various female torsos, vases and fish. A carving entitled Nautilus is one of favorites. The beauty of the wood carvings is difficult to put into words, but to say that some simply take your breath away is an understatement. There are also bronze sculptures, the sleeping beauty and another of a woman’s torso bottom.

    Another menu link brings you to the bead art work of Courtney’s wife, Carrolle. These necklaces are beautiful and works of art in their own right. The creativity behind the beading is apparent and any woman would be proud to wear any of them!

    There are also two Galleries on the website that sport the work of Courtney and Carrolle. In Gallery1, am I amiss in saying I spotted a sun carved from Purple Heart?

    The web site in itself is attractive and lures in the visitor. It is very easy to navigate. Pieces that are for sale are clearly marked. Personally, I would love to know the choice of wood for the carvings. Most seem to be mahogany and the piece entitled “Reaching For The Sky” is either walnut or ebony? Regardless, all of the art pieces are spectacular and very well done!

    There were also a lot of “hints” about pottery and turning. Again, Courtney, I would love to see some of your work!

    Your use of Wealthy Affiliate banners is very well done. The presence is there but nothing overwhelming or overbearing. Your page on WA is brief and to the point, yet you touch on all the strong points of WA and make it convincing!

    All in all, devonishart.com is a fantastic website, well laid out, attractive, with beautiful art to sell. Great work, Courtney!

    All my best,


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