1. Hello Carrolle – I couldn’t find your email in the computer with this new Windows 10 so went to visit Anguilla to find you. How are things coming on there? I expect the man who makes birds from old wood must have enough for the next 10 years? But it must be so much hard work. This is the first time I have been into your website and was so happy to not only see you but your husband too. My “touch heart” is on prominent display. I am soooo looking forward to seeing you later this year. Have just finished a job for Anthea at Dreamcatcher but I see she is stealing you for 6 days in Cape Town and only 2 up here. I know you love to look at great things in AfriKa so have a look at thesaunter@co.za. This was just started in December 2017 but such a lot to see and do. Hlengi from African Art Centre is now curator at the City Hall Gallery and has an exhibition of beadwork never before seen and it is stunning. Finishes 29 April.
    Speak soon and much love to you both (sorry Courtney but you look great and I am sure I would love you as much as your wife!)


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